About Me

I’m Ana, a wedding photographer that wants to tell your story.

Before I became a photographer, I was an unhappy geologist, working on oil rigs and traveling around the world: Cuba, Turkey, Romania, Scotland… Side by side with traveling, along came the will to learn more about photography. Even though it has been present throughout my life, always steeling the camera from my parents, that was the moment when I realized I had this passion.

Ana Rita Quinta

Wedding came a little bit by “accident”, but soon enough it became the kind of photography I enjoy doing. I love the happy days and happy people. I love the romance in the air and the party time, enjoyed by everyone on such a special day! And just as every couple is unique, so is their wedding. I treat all my weddings in a personalized way, with no “copy-paste” photos, looking for the essence of the day and the couple’s.

My work will show the truth of the love that makes you a couple!

So I try to find the natural and spontaneous instants created by you and give it my artistic approach, so you can recognize yourselves as a couple on the photos but still have beautiful images of your love.
I try to make sure you are comfortable with me and capture those real and true moments.

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