How long do you work on weddings and why do you like it?

I do wedding since 2018 when I started an internship with Adriana Morais. Then my first wedding by myself was in 2019. I love weddings because I’m a romancing person. This special day, is one of the most important days in a couple’s life together and it’s an honor to be share all this happiness with them.

Do you only shoot weddings?

No, I do all kinds of work, weddings, baptisms and other events, as well as photoshoots for families, maternity or couples. Contact me for more information.

Do you work alone or with a team?

Mainly I work alone, but if a wedding is too big or the couples preparations are too far apart, I have someone of my trust to help me in this situations.

How many images do you deliver and how long does it take to deliver them?

Usually I deliver a minimum of 800 photos but I also do copies in black and white so it’s always a bit more than that. I give a deadline of 5 months after the weeding but usually it’s less than that.

Are all images edited?

Yes, all images delivered are edited and in high resolution. I don’t give raw images or unedited images to my clients.

Do you work with video?

No, I’m specialized in photography but I can recommend some video professionals.

How much does a full wedding cost?

It depends on what kind of services you are looking for, but my wedding services start at 1200€.
In case you need a quotation please contact me.

How can we reserve our date with you?

For us to move forward, there will be a contract signed by both parties and then 50% of the full wedding value paid to save the date. The remaining 50% will be paid at the wedding day.

Do you have wedding albums?
Yes, I offer wedding albums within my services. Please contact me for more information.
Is there a time limit for the wedding coverage?
No, I don’t work with time limit. I will stay until I believe I have the full story of your day covered.
But I will never leave without talking with you and see if you agree that I can finish my work.